Our registered nurses will assess your needs and work with your physician and other care providers to develop an appropriate and individualized plan of care that will help you achieve your health goals as safely and quickly as possible.  Please click below to learn more.

+ Nursing

Wound Care
Medication Management & Education
Monitoring & Teaching of Medical Diagnosis
Nutrition Education
Catheter Care
Post-Surgical Care

Whether your needs are physical, occupational or speech, Cornerstone has licensed therapists ready to help! Our therapists will work with you to provide applicable rehabilitation procedures, including home exercise programs specific to your needs. We are also ready to assist you in improving in-home safety, mobility and quality of life. Please click below to learn more.

+ Physical Therapy

Fall Prevention
Home Safety
Post-Surgical Care
Gait Training
Balance Training
Pain Management

+ Occupational Therapy

Activities of Daily Living Training
Fine Motor Training
Adaptive Equipment Training
Cognitive Training
Functional Mobility Training

+ Speech Therapy

Safe Swallowing Strategies
Memory/Thinking Strategies
Safety Awareness Strategies
Tasks of Written Communication
Vocal/Oral Motor Exercises

Cornerstone has a certified medical social worker who can help you understsand the logistics of home healthcare and how to optimize your experience. Also, while receiving nursing and therapy services, our home health aides can assist you with a variety of day-to-day personal care needs. Please click below to learn more.

+ Medical Social Services

Long-Term Care Planning
Patient and Family Counseling
Community Resource Coordination
Financial Resource Information

+ Home Health Aide

Personal Care
Meal Preparation
Light Housekeeping Tasks
Other Day-to-Day Tasks